Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Audience I was checking my blog statistics the other day - for no particular reason -  just because google provides them and I was über-surprised (I'm German so I can actually pull a belivable 'über') to see some traffic.

Any traffic would have surprised me, because I was certain that my readers were my brother, other family and maybe a few friends, who knew about this blog. (And I haven't really talked about it at all...)

But it turns out I get traffic from other countries as well... So now I'm contemplating writing in english to turn the 'traffic' into readers...
I started this blog as a birthday gift to my brother -originally on tumblr- but I'm sure he wouldn't mind me writing in english... or would he?

Maybe I could start by writing a few post and see where that takes me.

I also wanted to apologize about the blog being down from time to time over the last (and next) couple of days. I'm changing a few things around, so this would feel more like me.

Have a great day :)

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