About me

This Blog started as a birthday present for my brother, because he was the first one who actually enjoyed my cooking and he wanted to get some of my recipes. Instead of writing them down on a piece of paper and just handing them over, I wanted to create something a little more 'interactive'... and something that I could keep adding to.

So I started my first blog on Tumblr. After a while I decided to move my little page over to Blogger because I felt it was better suited for my needs.

I blog about the things I eat, the retaurants I liked and sometimes about my life.
But most of the time this blog is a collection of recipes. I try to take pictures of everything while cooking, but sometimes I forget and just take a snapshot with my phone.

I know that I could be more precise, but usually I create the dish while cooking and don't take notes. But I'm trying to work on that.

If you are interested follow along here

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