Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Summer.

As promised, I’m going to let you know everything there is to know about my summer.
This is an unusual post for me, I know. But I’m staying at home right now and am not cooking that much. My mom is a better cook. And she doesn’t really like to divert control in the  kitchen :)
And I found out that some family members living in Texas found this Blog totally by chance… How awesome is that?

So this does not include a recipe, though I might talk a little about food ;)

This summer was absolutely great.

I mean it.

Though having a lot of exams this year made it seem impossible to actually enjoy any of my trips;
 always taking a book and notes along isn’t as much fun as it might sound.

I had to make sure that the ‘real’ studying took place in between each trip.
So I was glued to my desk whenever I was home. Surprisingly that worked out, but I do apologize to all my friends that might have felt slightly rejected. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you… maybe with a nice dinner?!

My summer started out as it usually does…
                                                              ... mh no, that is not true.

I had a huge lack of motivation going on and it just wouldn’t stop raining.

My University-City was in parts flooded and some parts were in danger of being so.


I know, it is not actually the same perspective, but your are smart - you can figure it out

The only good news around that time:

One of my best friends from High-school, who is know studying in Italy, had some free time on her hands around the weeks I was planning on staying in Italy. Yes, sometimes life works out that way.

And honestly: how insignificant is an almost 300km detour, when you get to spent some time with one of the funniest and nicest people on the planet. (I’m being extra nice here, because she knows me better than anyone, including all those embarrassing high-school-related stories… And still it is true: she is probably president of the funny-and-nice-club)

So that’s where we went first.

She lives(and studies) in a region of Italy that is known for its excellent wine, so our stay there somehow centered around catching up, food and tasting a lot of wine. I even found a new favorite red wine…

And what better way to start the summer, than hanging out with some people whose company you really enjoy and where there is zero awkwardness even though you haven’t seen each other in some time!! Thank you, for that.

Then we went to the Lago di Garda… In my opinion, a place that comes really very close to perfection.

But since I go there almost every year I am probably somewhat biased… Go there and tell me it isn’t absolutely beautiful.

A picture to prove my point…

Again, summer is so much more fun when you get to spent it with friends :)
And who doesn’t like to relax hanging out at a beautiful lake, eating great food ( yes, we cooked a lot, but that is not what I’m talking about here… vitello tonnato, anyone?), drinking very  good wine and just forgetting about the rest of the world.

Well, not completely forgetting about the rest of the world.
I still had to study a little.

After coming back from Italy, studying wasn’t that bad. It took some time getting acclimated after spending most of the day outside and having amazing food all around you (yes, I love Italian food… if you have been here before, you already knew that).
And there was a city-trip to Hamburg coming up, so my study-frustration-level wasn’t that high.

Hamburg is great by the way.

See, I told you. I only saw a little bit of the city, which means I have to go back.
I really enjoyed the fish market, even though we partied the night before. But the weather was great and I almost never get a hangover ;)

Partying in Hamburg is crazy-fun.
It probably depends a little on your company and the people we went out with were great. We even had a local party-tour-guide… (Thank you all!)

After the weekend in Hamburg, studying hit a wall. I had two more exams to write and couldn’t seem to get any work done. My apartment never was at messy as it was during those days, I ate pretty badly until my boyfriend took pity on me and decided that dinner fell in his territory of responsibilities.

And then, on a random evening of sitting at my desk wondering why I study those things, my brother called and wanted to know if I was up for a spontaneous surf-trip.
ahm, yes!

All you need is something to look forward to and suddenly things are not as frustrating anymore.
So, two days after my last exam I was packing my bags again and headed home.

We met there and made sure we had everything we needed (for the tent and groceries…) and then we headed to the Atlantic coast in France.

I haven’t been on vacation with my brother (Hi!) in a really long time, but it was great.
Surfing is great!
I went surfing before, but somehow I always forget how sore your muscles can get the second day.
The week in France was so much fun that we decided to try and do that more often.

Maybe other people are allowed to come along… but that has yet to be decided.

That is basically what sums up my summer: An insane amount of studying but even more fun.

I hope you had a great summer as well.

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