Sunday, 10 March 2013

To plan or not to plan...

I’m one of the people out there who likes to make plans, not the one-day-I’ll-do-that-type of plan, but the tasks, social events, the occasional fitness activities etc for the upcoming week.

(When I’m studying I plan every single day, sometimes on a post-it, but I like having a schedule to stick to... but that is not the point)

So when I read this post about meal planning on Friday I decided to try that. (I alos read a post on that here)

I sat down and thought about recipes I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.
I tried to come up with a diverse list, but also make some ingredients match, so that the groceries won’t go to waste. (Say, buying different types of cheese for a Quiche but then don't use the leftover cheese in anything else)

So here is what I came up with for a few days in advance:

 And for the first day I followed through.
I went grocery shopping, got everything I need for the weekend and most of the items on my shopping list for the upcoming week.

Made the Bolognese, took pictures (I’ll post the recipe soon)... oh yes, I was proud! J

And Saturday?
I was looking forward to making the salmon. But after a great breakfast we decided to go to a jazz festival that evening.  So the dinner plan was cancelled... not cancelled - but delayed.

 Let’s see how the week turns out... meal-plan-wise!
I'll keep you posted.

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